Getting The Shot - Not A Shot

As a photographer you have to remember that it's part of your job to create as much visual interest as possible, working the angles to best illustrate your subject, this often means doing whatever it takes to get the shot (short of walking across a rush hour freeway), this could be a lot of research or moving yourself to to the optimal angle.

kitchen sink_dishes_photo by Jason Ogulnik_Photo 1

Last night I noticed the utensils in my sink, in their natural state, making a pattern coupled with shadows creating a nice gradient effect, I had to stop and make the shot before the opportunity dissolved. I couldn't get the correct angle from ground level so I knew that I needed to adjust, this meant  grabbing a stool, climbing onto the kitchen counter, and straddling the sink. If you take the lazy approach to making a photo it will come across in your work.

What's the most outrageous maneuver you've made to get the shot?

kitchen sink_dishes_photo by Jason Ogulnik_Photo 2